Sparkle Filter

ATTAQUANT is an engineering company which specializes in the design, manufacturing and supply types of Industrial filters to industries like chemical and pharma for their many applications. We offer customized industrial filters according to requirements in both GMP and Non-GMP model. The Vertical sparkler type filter is the most versatile filtration system for solid – liquid separation. It can also be used apart from filtration, with the help of filter aids for giving a sparkling effect to the liquids filtered. The filters are most suited for the filtration of products for the pharmaceutical, chemical, distillery, beverage, ink, oil and beverage industries. It is available in different output capacities with a variety of pumps to suit individual requirements.

Working Principle:

The main operation of sparkle filter press is to filter the impure liquid. Arriving on top of each horizontal plate with increasing pressure, the filter media holds back the impurities and allows the filter to pass through center by interlocking cups, which takes the filtrate to the outlet of the filter. The cake formed between the horizontal plates can also be obtained. The function of filtration process becomes slow when the liquid reached its holding capacity into cake.

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