Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Basket Centrifuge Bottom Discharge Type this is the most basic type of Centrifuge Machine that is widely used in many industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, R & D Pilot Plant and allied industries. Manual Bottom Discharge Centrifuge has a Vertical Basket assembly and is easy for processes having Easy to filter material characteristics. In Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine, the unloading of the material is from the bottom opening of basket base/ inertia plate, this has large central opening/chute for cake removal. The process involves very negligible labour & can be completely automated with Programmable Login Controller (PLC).

Working Principle:

Solids/contaminants are pulled radially away from the liquid by centrifugal force and collects along the inner wall of the basket. The clarified liquid builds up along in the inside and flows up and over the basket wall.

Special Properties
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