Powder Transfer System

AEPL made Powder transfer system is an efficient, reliable method of transferring and dispensing bulk powders or bulk granules. The PTS is a pneumatic conveying system using both vacuum and pressure without relying on gravity allowing to move powders as if they were liquid eliminating the need for multi floor processes. The system is ideal for transferring highly explosive powders and the transfer of toxic and hygroscopic materials.

The PTS eliminates oxygen from the powder and the system is separated by a physical barrier from the reactor to avoid fires and explosions when in operation providing a safe and reliable method for powder transfer. The PTS is directly installed on the receiving vessel, which it can isolate during the loading phase. One of the major advantages of this technology is that it makes it possible to separate the air from the powder and to keep the receiving vessel inert while loading the powder by using.

A Powder transfer system, like a material transfer technology, employs both pressure and vacuum to move materials to and from process equipment, either vertically or horizontally, as if they were liquids. Gravity charging is no longer required, rendering multi-floor procedures obsolete. These systems may transport hazardous and hygroscopic chemicals, as well as extremely explosive powders.
It provides a safe, dependable, and contained means of transferring powder by removing oxygen from the powder and creating a physical barrier between the powder and the reactor, fully avoiding the chance of explosion, harmful gas leak, or fire while in use.
Powder Transfer System Benefits:
Powder Transfer System Benefits:
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